This Seat Has Been Taken

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imageedit_2_2378980893 (1) Oslo Chair image by Padre’s Ramblings

This Seat Has Been Taken

Has this seat been taken?

May I please take a chair?

Are you sitting alone?

Is anyone else there?

No the seat is vacant,

Its occupant no longer there,

Gone the lively chatter,

Now only their empty chair.

Has this seat been taken?

It seems nobody’s there.

But this seat has been taken,

By the memory of those who care.

Maria Antonia posted a list of 52 prompts for weekly photos for the year.   I have tried to link this not just with a picture but with a poem.  This weeks prompt is: “Take a seat.”

The photo from Oslo, Norway is of a memorial sculpture in the city’s port.  It commemorates the empty places or “seats” left in Norway’s society by the deportation of the Jewish community during the Nazi occupation.


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