Open And Vulnerable

Sarah Doughty

“My love, won’t you show me
it’s okay to be vulnerable with you?”

Oh, but my love, I’m so tired. I’m so tired of professing my love in written words when I can barely speak them. I’m so tired of being trapped within my own fortified castle that I can’t show how much I’m falling apart. That I can’t reach out and find comfort in your arms. I’m so tired of fighting the ghosts that lurk in the shadows late at night. When I’m the only one awake to fight them. I’m so tired of being the one trying to hide my tears and flaws and all my scars. I’m so tired of fighting this war alone. So please, won’t you help me break down these walls and show me this isn’t something I need to do alone?

© Sarah Doughty

Show me how to
knock down these walls.

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