Ostensible You

Confab With Me

Your raddled heart,
your battered soul,
your bruised looks,
I guess was a disguise,
for you did just fine,
once you found your new shore

And I stayed here,
feeling the guilt,
bearing the pain,
losing my sleep,
thinking we couldn’t work this relationship out
all in vain

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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Heart Breathings

when he kissed me,
I was pure, cosmic combustion,
an exploding urge from some uncharted depth,
stirring this frenetic need to break free from something I didn’t even realize was holding me back,
while sinking into this enveloping feeling I never wanted to end;
it was the quickening of some strange, welcomed metamorphosis

whatever was happening between us had this unspoiled sheen to it,
leaving behind a layer of something magical that came off on my fingers when I touched it,
like the precious powder from a moth’s delicate wing,
something so intimate and sacred that was meant to be grasped,
but still set free to fly

-artwork by Gustav Klimt, The Kiss

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A Simple Reason – #poetry – #JanuaryWriting

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

A simple reason was all she needed

To cover her face, and close her eyes

Sighing, with every ounce of her being

Realizing, this, was her final disguise

Staying well hidden, from the others

Who had intentions, for her, in mind

Men and women, alike, she had trusted

Most of them, she realized, quite unkind

Her only chance, at surviving this plight

Knowing nothing else mattered, you see

She simply would, disappear, in the night

Leaving nothing behind, but a mystery

January Writing Prompt – A simple reason was all she needed – Day 30/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


We are one month into the new year and I am working on my New Year Resolutions. My goals are numerous and ambitious. January has shown me I was overly optimistic with certain goals and unduly generous with others. No worries. Enter my editor to access, revamp and make needed adjustments.

I will put the pedal to the metal, expediting the finish date for easier goals and then removing them from my list. However, bumping the timeline impacts the remaining goals. Since I am struggling, they need work. I extended timelines, added steps and created greater details to augment the process. The benefit of completing the easier goals first is, once finished, my time available to devote to the more difficult goals expands. It is the current plan, anyway.

How are you progressing with your goals?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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