I miss you my friend

If you write please come and enjoy – I Miss You My Friend


I miss when writing came easy,
When words flowed from my veins,
Falling into perfect lines,
Flowing into flawless sounds.

I miss when mind and body would meet,
When I could write as fast as my thoughts,
Pouring blues and reds to purple,
Painting pictures using only word.

I miss when my thoughts sung in tune with these hands…


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Life Itself

Heart Breathings

I don’t know if I know how to do this, if I know how to be loved this much, if I even know what love looks like

is it the way my heart aches with joy when you smile with your eyes?

is it the way I feel my own rib cage squeeze when our little one needs someone, and you scoop her up in a whole body embrace?

is it the freedom I feel to allow my mind to go wherever it needs to go as we sit next to one another on the couch?

is it the breath I exhale when you reach for me as you drift off to sleep?

is it the easiness that comes with deliberate familiarity, with 25 years of growing alongside one another?

is it the ability to argue until we run out of words and the knowing no more are needed?


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Be sure and read Megha’s – Intoxicated

Megha's World

My eyes are still intoxicated
by your dreams
of your presence
I’m still imbued in the
softness of your lips
entwined in mine
the pleasure still lingers
the moaning still living
under the bated breath
arms are still feeling the
your gentle embrace
fingers still counting the turns
they make
my mouth still smells of
strong fragrance of
your breath
from the last night
The sweat droplets
of our sweltered soul
gliding down our bodies
etching a poem in our souls
the mere thought of you
burns my desire
leaves my body in that
burning fire
wanting more
Oh! I hate the sight of the
first ray of the sunlight;
which shatters
the dream
I’m living and breathing
in pure delight.
Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

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