Wise Epiphany – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


What Do You See?


Wise Epiphany

I would often ask,
“What’s behind that door?”
and wise Epiphany would say to me;
one day it will open to you.
“When?” I would ask,
and wise Epiphany,
always so patient, said;
when your heart is ready,
of course!
And, I guess,
the things you hope for
you hold against,
that way disappointment keeps away.
But today it happened,
I was feeling brim full,
and overflowing with such joy,
I let go,
and as I neared the door,
it opened to me.
Wise Epiphany purred,
and said,
see, I told you,
now, let’s leave the winter of your longing,
and journey the summer of your joy.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com

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