Yes Fiery, We Get It. You Write Poetry

Silently Smouldering Words

I took some words

I wrote a rhyme

And something, something, something Time.

And then I thought, blah blah blah Love

And mentioned Stars and Skies above.

And then I thought of Kisses, too

And words

And Something

(Insert: You)

And longing, need – they popped up


And then a serious line ’bout Fear.

And on that note, I wrote


And rhymed it aptly there with Fire.

And then I thought, it’s not quite done

My Sensual Moon, Your yearning Sun

And that part actually sounded good

It is a poem, so…it should.

And then you soon appeared again

And something something 

See you…when?!

And more sweet words denoting Lust

Then obviously, “Touch me. You must.”

And phew, looks like I’m at the end

So something like

True Love

Soul Friend.

And what an effing verse I wrote!

It’s nonsense (no…a small Love Note)


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