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Shari Blaukopf's Sketchbook

It seemed like a perfect painting day. A quiet morning in Pointe Claire Village. Some freshly fallen snow. A view I’ve sketched many times, AND a lucky parking spot just behind a bus stop, which pretty much guarantees that no one can park in front of me. WRONG. It turns out that the no parking zone in front of me is the busiest parking spot in the village. The first offender was a Purolator truck making multiple drop offs. Then it was a sidewalk-clearing plow that ironically got stuck in the snow. After that it was an 18-wheeler reversing into a grocery store parking lot. And then a man dropping off a gift bag to someone in a café. The list is long.

Each of these things might seem like a minor distraction on a warm day, but when you’re painting in the car in winter, time is of the…

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