Verses Unspoken

Don’t Miss this sensuous poem – VERSES UNSPOKEN

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Hello friends and welcome back! I hope you like what is in store for you tonight.

As I often do, I wrote this piece from a  male point of view; and me, I am all girly, girl female.  So, I am not sure why I like writing from this perspective, but I really do. Maybe I like to think I know what goes on in a man’s mind at times.

Settle in for some Friday night After Hours poetry to light up your night a bit.

Verses Unspoken

satin touch1

It was her satin touch

writing unspoken lines

across my skin

verses of adoration

dripping with passion’s fire

igniting desire

in places undiscovered by others

untold secrets spilling over me

whispering through fingertips

the carnal craving of hers

crying for satiation


now at full attention

unable to deny

the thrill of her intensity

pull her on top

my low, ravenous voice

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