🌹Your Beautiful Voice ♥️

Come and enjoy Roy’s beautiful love poem – YOUR BEAUTIFUL VOICE


You are “tree”mendously amazing and you “leaf” me breathless.It flows like the calmest river, more pleasant than the prettiest ring tone. It makes me joyous as if every holiday is combined, and I repeatedly heard my favorite song.

When you whisper in my ear, the feel of your breath drives me wild. Your giggling makes my heart skip a beat, and it’s impossible to erase my smile.

Do you know what flies without wings, and cries without eyes? The same thing you have me floating on Pretty Girl, the answer is a cloud nine.

It’s like the constant voice of an Angel, ever since the day we met. When we talk we laugh together, it’s like a beautifully made duet.♥️

“Don’t make me laugh” you say, and hanging up is never a hurry. We have our nicknames for each other, fingers to my lips so don’t worry.😏

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