Wednesday’s Wit and Wisdom

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Happy Wednesday! A while back a faithful reader of mine had mentioned about calling “Tuesday’s Thoughts” , “Wednesday’s Wit and Wisdom” when she had read the post one Wednesday. I thought this was the perfect week to do that and I do like the ring it has to it. 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and perhaps you are still enjoying it. We had a wonderful day of being together and just relaxing, while sharing love and laughter.

Some of you may be wondering about Jinx and Jangle. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten them. Did they have a successful Christmas Eve making all their deliveries? What did they think of “George”?

I hope you enjoy today’s “Wit and Wisdom”, may you keep smiling. Christmas may be over, but we can keep the Christmas spirit in our hearts all year long and let it overflow to others!

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