Poesy plus Polemics

Photo of Sculpture From Photo of Sculpture

(For my wife, on our 45th Anniversary)

where did they go
all those fleet-footed years
packed with living and loving
with birthing and dying

the answer it seems
is they fled to the mirror
right into the glass
all their stories and ghosts
washed in sepia verging
on gray all except for
unchangeable eyes
brown and blue
still bright with the
mutual youthful affection
that never grew old

our uncountable
triumphs and tragedies
mark us like grooves
cut the bark of a
double-trunk tree
conjoined in the struggle
that aging imposes
no longer young saplings
with tentative roots
testing touching beneath
forest newlywed soil

we’ve grown beyond
passions exchanged in
our separate dreams
for one future to bliss
of exquisite contentment
with one past we built
for the sake of one present
in which we enjoy our
shared breathing
shared heartbeats
shared memory
holding one…

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