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Untitledtime has no beginning and no end
your stint is somewhere on the spectrum

a calendar year is a social construct
that has a beginning and an end

don’t be fooled
by limitations

challenge yourself not to live
in the shoes of others

january is not the only time
to give attention to behaviors

your birthday is not the only time
to consider the realities of your last

summer isn’t the only time
the sun shines

mondays are not the only time
to be frustrated about waking up

holidays are not the only time
to enjoy family and friends

christmas is not the only time
to give presents and thanks

40 hours is not the only time
you should labor and sweat

babies being born is not the only time
new life should spring forth

weddings are not the only time
it becomes fashionable to love

new years is not…

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8 thoughts on “Do Different

    1. Ohhh, It is so wonderful to see you, My Dear!!! Thank you so much for your sweet wishes! I’m wishing you all the happiness and joy and blessings possible! Hope your dreams come true! Hope you have completely recovered from that hurricane!!!

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      1. Oh, I always stop by and read your poetry, Chuck! I don’t always have time to comment, but I do visit.
        As to the hurricane, my son gave us his old little dinghy, and hopefully, we’ll grow it into another real boat, if we feed it well and take care of it.
        Many blessings to you and yours for a great 2019!

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        1. I so appreciate you and all your views and support for my words!!! Well, I’m hoping that 2019 will be the year you guys get back to where you were before the hurricane!! Wishing you a 2019 of health, happiness and dreams come true!!

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