Don’t Doubt My Love

Confab With Me

You can suspect the sun
for refraining you
from getting your share of sunshine

Or the moon
for the blithe, it has to abjure
from showering on you thus far

Or the celestial bodies
questioning its cosmic gleed
that missed aligning to you its blessed stars

You can suspect anything you may desire
but never ever dare to doubt my love

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


The year is swiftly ending. It is time to reflect and consider what we want for 2019. We are predictable types. The most common New Year Resolutions are:

  1. Exercise
  2. Lose Weight/Eat Healthy
  3. Get Organized
  4. Get a New Job/Hobby/Skill
  5. Live a Fulfilling Life/Find Love
  6. Save Money
  7. Quit Smoking
  8. Spend More Time with Family & Friends
  9. Travel More
  10. Read More

If you are a writer… Write More, is defiantly in the mix. Whatever you proclaim as your resolution for 2019, Keep Happy. I think Helen Keller got this one right.

Are you making New Year Resolutions? What are your top three?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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Nature or Nurture

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

She asks herself the question over and over again.

How could he tell from a photograph, a handful of posts, a dozen seemingly innocuous online messages?

What was it about her that had made him so certain, so confident, so sure?

How can he write himself into her head, into her heart. How can he read what she is thinking? How can he see so deep inside her. Every secret. Every wish, Every desire.

And how does he make her body react in the way that it does. Sometimes despite herself.

And where did this overpowering urge to please him come from?

Is it her nature?

Or his nurture?



I first wrote this five years ago – the question is sometimes asked


© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Fabian Perez

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Fears And Regrets

Do Not Miss one of Sarah’s best posts!!!

Sarah Doughty

“The fear of trying will never measure up
to the feeling of regret if you don’t.”

Darling, trust me when I say that the fear of trying will never measure up to the feeling of regret if you don’t. I know I would rather know the truth, good or bad, than to spend my life wondering what ifs and what could have beens. Those are the ones that will haunt you at night. Those are the ones that will never let up, even as the years pass by.

© Sarah Doughty

So what’s the worst that could happen?

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Come next week


There is something peaceful about
reflecting on the year as we ready ourselves for the next one.

It’s a time, at least for me, to look
back over what the last 12 months had brought into my life.

The moments of joy and happiness.

The obstacles that had been dealt with,
whether I successfully bested them, or they knocked me down.

It helps me to take a personal review
and see, most importantly, where I made mistakes and missteps and maybe what I can
do better.

And this year, like the last few, has had
its share of ups and downs.

I would get excited about one thing, to
only find myself crestfallen the next day.
Granny used to not get overly happy when good things happened. “Life will
balance it out soon enough,” she would say.

That always bothered me, as if it was
some self-fulfilling prophecy on her…

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