Valley Walking: The Life Raft

Devoted and Divorced

Divorce can feel like being on a sinking ship.

My husband abandoned the ship before I was even aware there was a gaping gouge in it’s hull. When the damage was revealed to me, I started frantically trying to save it, keep it from going under, keep us afloat.

As our ship began it’s certain descent, I was forced to acknowledge the awful reality, that my efforts to save it were in vain.

To avoid being dragged down into the dark below, I took one final glimpse at our beloved vessel, peered out into the dark unknown and jumped blindly into the black.

I hit the freezing water with such an unforgiving force that it disorientated me. I was dragged around by the suction left in it’s wake and whirled around in the forces of shock, grief and anguish. I started to kick my legs with everything I had and suddenly…

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