Valley Walking: The Ache Of Abandonment

If you’ve ever had a broken heart!

Devoted and Divorced

A few weeks ago, as I drifted about my kitchen making myself a quick bite to eat and preparing to chill out on my sofa for a lazy night in, I just so happened to glance over towards a particular spot on my kitchen floor. Within an instant I felt the atmosphere change around me as I remembered why that particular spot was significant and my stomach became uneasy.

I found myself having a very clear flash back and in my mind the months wound back. It had been snowing outside, everything softly blanketed in a brilliant white but what would normally look beautiful had suddenly looked so foreign. I remember wishing the snow would stop because my world was already feeling such an alien place and the bleak weather was, somehow, making it so much worse.

It had been a matter of days since I had discovered my husband’s…

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