#Blogmas2018 Ritu’s Blog Tips #22

But I Smile Anyway...

Share your knowledge

Sometimes you come across a tool that revolutionises your blogging experience, or maybe it is something simple, like how to utilise a particular feature on your blog.

You find it makes your blog look better, your posts sparkle more as a result, and you are really quite chuffed with the compliments!

There, you have the perfect opportunity to write a post about your new discovery!

I have in the past, asked some really silly questions about ‘how to’ issues on my blog, and got many helpful solutions, or I have managed to find out myself, and when I know what to do, I love to share it as a post on my blog, so others can also work out how to solve a problem, or introduce a new feature!

There have been simple knowledge sharing posts, such as how to create a word swirl image, to how…

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