Singed Heart

Confab With Me

And when he was in some ecstatic rumination,
playing on his mind
the possibilities of love,
she stormed in hiding her callousness,
in her deceitful aura,
and with priorities so well defined,
and in her precarious schemes,
he was lost in the blur of some illusionistic creation
while she left him behind with a singed heart

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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Save A Dance For Me

Sarah Doughty

“And sometimes, when all is silent
and I am alone, I feel you the most.”

You see, I’ve always been connected to you. And sometimes, late at night, when all is silent and I am alone, I feel you the most. I hear you in the wind, rustling through the trees. I see you behind flickering flames. In the mist across the morning plain. And when I feel the rain, I think it’s you.

So, please, save a dance for me. Save a kiss for me, too.

© Sarah Doughty

Won’t you save a perfect moment for me?

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