Finding Courage – Michele Vecchitto

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a response to the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

combatting fear

Like a vise, this unknown enemy tightens its hold
restricting my breath, my thoughts, my steps
It takes on a life of its own…this monster
who has taken up residence in my brain
It shoves everything out of its way,
those unnecessary things like
simple joy and foolish hope
for a better day

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Treasuring someone

Please come and enjoy – TREASURING SOMEONE

Chitkala Mulye

We meet infinite people in our lives. Some people are so precious that we can never forget them. They should be preserved and cherished in the form of their thoughts and actions. They leave their indelible footprints in our lives. As time flows we have to leave such worthy special someones behind and move ahead in life. They remain with us leaving an impact on our lives and colouring our lives creating a difference!! Rather than lamenting about their absence, we should feel lucky and happy that one point of time they were a part of our lives. People stay or may leave but those memorable moments in our life can never be erased! So why not treasure such special someones rather than leaving them behind during the flight of time!

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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To Drink You – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Stimulating – Word of the Day



To Drink You

I held you with such care,
and caressed you,
you smelt so good,
felt so warm,
as you do every morning.
And, some days
I just want a double shot of you,
not so frothy,
hot and beautifully layered,
plenty to take in,
and I’m going to drink you
all the way,
just after I’ve finished this coffee.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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Naked Women

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

Art by J Dunster

Naked women

are ubiquitous on the web.

They never raise my pulse

or catch my eye

or inspire me

or attract me

or seduce me

or excite me

or cause me to follow

or like

or connect.

Naked women

are ubiquitous on the web

They do nothing for me.

But the mere thought

of you


does everything,



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by J Dunster

I first published this three years ago. It is so.

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So I decided to host a Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge and nobody came. . . | Go Dog Go Café

Actually, that’s not true–  my dear friend Eric Syrdal sent a submission.  The only submission. I suddenly feel transported back to my hopelessly awkward and geeky thirteen year old self who never …

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