A Love Story

Come read Dwight’s wonderful – A LOVE STORY

Roth Poetry

Hartzlerspicnic1944 Paul and Beatrice

She watched him tanned, tall, and lean
With bib overalls and a head of dark hair
Thinking how handsome he was
How strong and capable a man he had become
He was only sixteen //but gave the appearance of eighteen
His gate was long // intense // full of determination
She loved that about him // the boy/man from across the field
Smart and fun to be around // his smile was full of laughter.
There he was, driving his father’s four milk cows up her lane
To share pasture with twenty-five more
Self-conscious // she picked up her father’s tee shirt
Hanging it on the porch line strung between two posts
Glancing towards the lane she caught his attention
He waved and gave a hearty, “Hi Beatrice! How are you today!”
Tongue tied, she could only reply, “I’m fine!”
And then he was gone // on up the lane…

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6 thoughts on “A Love Story

    1. I was so happy to share this, Dwight!!! It is such a perfect Love Story!! Your opening lines were so awesome! As I read this it felt like I was watching a movie in my head of exactly what you wrote about!! I think you need to add this to your list of Dwight’s – “Best Of”!!!

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