By Charles Robert Lindholm

I Am A Lover,
Of The Seasons
And For Each Of Them
I Have My Own,
And Secret Reasons
For Letting Them,
Make Love To Me 

They All Touch Me
In The Deepest Way
But One Knows How
To Make Me
Beg For It To Stay 

I Long To Live
With The One
That I Love Most

But Time Drags Me
And I Can Only
Live With
The Memories
Of Our Sweet Love
Until My Favorite
Season Returns
To Me Once More 

And I Shall Dream
A Dream Of You
Until Next Year
When I Feel Anew 

The Gentle Kiss
And Warm Embrace
Of The Lover To
My Soul 

My Sweet
Embracing Me
Once Again 

Copyright © Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Inspirational Credit To My Friend, Midwest Fantasy And Her
Arms Of Autumn

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