TEDx Talk: Thriving Under Pressure.

Thriving Under Pressure


In my TEDx Talk I discuss how to THRIVE under pressure using 3 stress resilience tools: challenge, control and commitment.

The purpose of this talk and my blog is to help students develop positive coping techniques in fun, interactive, and uplifting ways.

By first focusing on what is right, before examining what is wrong, students can be transformed by their challenges and adversities.

If you like, please share this TEDx video with friends and family on social media. The wider its reach, the more people I can help thrive under pressure!

May Your North Star Light Your Way. 💫

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massage of poetry

The Lonely Author

massage of poetry

The gentle scaffolding of her verses
Construct the sweetest inspirations
As goosebumps blossomed over me

Her words rubbed my hard muscles
Like an inspiring key that unlocked
Every hidden secret of my anatomy

Soft syllables stroked sweet sensations
Sending me to the point of no return
as her metaphors caressed me to ecstasy

My muse is a masseuse of touching balladry
For no man could ever resist her charms
After her sensual massage of poetry

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Window Shopping – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Shopping – 5 Lines


Photo: unsplash.com

Window Shopping

My father always used to say “You can look, but don’t touch”
and some shops had signs though not of the times,
that said “If you break it it’s yours.”
Window shopping’s a dreamers world, and
you’re not broken but I’d really like to take you home.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com

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the infinity of you

The Lonely Author


While sipping wine and listening to soft Latin jazz and samba, I thought of the great love women/mothers provide unselfishly with no boundaries. Sadly, it often goes unappreciated. I truly believe it is difficult for any man to truly reciprocate the endless love & warmth their lady truly deserves.

This poem evolved from those thoughts.


the infinity of you


The little boy in me
stands before the immense
universe of your poetry
Where metaphors are constellations
and your deep verses
are remote galaxies
Your words travel beyond
time and space
forever eclipsing me
like a lonely particle of love
For you are my sun
I, your loyal moon
a small bewildered child
forever admiring
the infinity of you



This Thursday I will be volunteering at a local Soup kitchen helping to feed the homeless for Thanksgiving. Thus, I needed to make my second post of the…

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And I Fell

Charmed Chaos

He captivated me with his voice singing clear and strong,

While his fingers strummed a melody on the beat up guitar

One look into the crystal calm of bluest ocean eyes,

And I fell… And I fell…And I fell…

Although the time we loved exploded like a brilliant shooting star

Leaving jagged scars…Leaving jagged scars…

The only memories left are the remnants of a broken heart,
And the dulled remembrance of his dazzling smile.

Real Toads: http://withrealtoads.blogspot.com/2018/12/wordy-thursday-with-wild-woman.html

Photo via Good Free Photos

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Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I had a short conversation with a new friend yesterday. Our discussion centered on the recent loss of a loved one, and their legacy. It got me thinking, as these things do, about my legacy. It is easy to descend the rabbit holes of Netflix, and text messages, and cleaning, or other time-consuming things. As much as we enjoy or feel compelled to participate, they don’t seem epitaph worthy.

Do you want to be a beloved parent, spouse, child, or friend? A gifted artist? An advocate for the needy? A philanthropist? A prolific writer? Legacies don’t show up without work, effort and determination, every single day. What will they write on your tombstone?

What can you do today to take a small step toward your legacy?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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