Not I – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


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Not I

I wanted everything,
but, I understood nothing;
how could I possess you?
Not that you were unwilling,
but I could not find the language.
Yet in your patience you led me to a point
of no return I could never have imagined,
a language unspoken,
yet eternal,
a oneness uncontained,
an eros and feminine only ever felt
at the locus of the heart,
at once complex, yet ever so simple.
well, that I wanted to believe,
because there was nothing sophisticated,
only raw self,
beauty melded
in mutual meeting.
And I realised that,
though I could have, should have,
knew very well how to,
it wasn’t so,
you were no mere muse,
I was completely possessed,
you were my teacher.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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