Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

When i say go, oh don’t go away,
hold on to me cause i want us to stay♥️.


In my palms I held petals many,
Rainbow blossoms of your tender love.
Roses, lilies, marigolds and jasmines,
Storing special stories in their bud.

They felt like a gift, more precious than any pearl,
Their sweet perfume enslaving my heart.
But to my horror, they all started getting swept away,
When storms began to hit hard and fast.

I could do nothing, as they left me one by one,
Flying away in the raging wind.
Frightened, I stood there alone by the ocean,
Sadly seeing the sun sink.

With now empty hands, I thought of wiping my tears,
And slowly I brought my palms up to my face.
But I had to close my eyes, cause my heart stuttered ,
For the beautiful fragrance of your love remains.

©© SONA…

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