like home to me

Jillian Prendergast. Writer.

LRG_DSC02945 P/C: Eric Puckett

Tessellations with our words

Dusty old Questions

Texas road dog at arrival. Belly out and full of butterflies. Tall backed and erect, nervously shuffling and poised outside of the white Tacoma.

Warm smile, tight hug

Smells like teen spirit.

The time hop of eleven years closes like the passenger door.

God those eyes. I wanted the eyes.

Whiskey shivers,

Warm skin and such green eyes.

Tiki mezcal and the overcoming urge of your mouth, your teeth,

Salt bubble bath and sinking into your tongue

4 1/2 hours at Nueva Laredo border permit parking lot.

Los Lobos. Sun. Rock.

Margaritas over a garbage fire.

Moonrise over the rock face, headlamp procession

Stars and over-exposed photos, trusting

the space[   ]between

more than in the past.

The razor’s edge of an explosion vs implosion.

Danced into this new year

Calmly watching from the epicenter of this blue wind.

I love…

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