years too short ~



as once I knew
this time would be
as years too short
would circle round
from days
tho long
no longer count
I wonder still
what I shall miss
when words o mine
for none exist

for one more april
shower sweet
another someone
meant to meet
will tears befall
when leaving comes
for one more kiss
the rest undone
as lips grown silent
wait again
the taste of wine –
of summer sun

warming verse
upon my brow
where love began
what future place
awaits me now
each dream –
a time
by time displaced
for one more
one more everything
another life
by moments held
somewhere filled
by years the same
as these

I feel are passing
a fleeting bliss
how much of all
I love will miss
the warmest tide
against my feet
a blanket spread
of stars

a hand
so certain
thread with mine

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Claim Your Prize.

Be sure to come read Dr. Andrea’s great post and video – Claim Your Prize!!!!

Thriving Under Pressure

Inspiration is everywhere.

Today’s post is brought to you from my psychology classroom.

I hope it inspires you to claim the joy in your life.

Good vibes, after all, start on the inside.


We spend so much time creating future opportunities that we often forget to claim the magic we’ve manifested – right in front of us. 🏆

Don’t wait for your dreams to happen.

Make them happen.

Stop wishing.

Stop waiting.

Seize the day.

Claim your prize. 💥

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On new books

Jillian Prendergast. Writer.

It is strange the way the right words come when they are needed. They heed the call from some far off shore and fly over blue waves and thermals  and other’s prayers to my window, into my ears. They blow in with the new November wind and linger in the folds of the new duvet cover as I listen.

The fabric feels the same but is dark blue now. The walls are adobe cream and there are always new ways to organize old boxes and art and cairns. The air smells fresh and cold and crisp.

I rearrange the books on the shelves after I finish the new ones. iI is like adding a layer of greens to the composter outside. I remind myself to remember turn it three times daily.

I remind myself to stretch. I also remind myself that reminders are new to me.

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Roth Poetry


Every breath a gift

Too soon taken for granted.

Thanksgiving’s inhale

Winter creeping in too soon

Thankfully spring is on the way


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Written for Frank Tassone’s Haikai poem thinking about Thanksgiving. I decided to do a Tanka in appreciation of life.

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Ascension To You

Sarah Doughty

“I could never regret
the journey that brought me
to that very moment.
To you.”

I ascended the stairs, following the sounds of hope that glittered against my ears. I wondered what waited for me at the precipice. But, yet, somehow I knew, whatever it was, I knew I wouldn’t regret the journey that brought me to that very moment. Just steps away from my fate. My destiny. Just steps away from you. And when your love encircled me in your arms, I knew I was, at long last, home.

© Sarah Doughty

I could never regret the journey
that brought me to you.

This was written for day eighteen
of November Notes.
Stairway To Heaven
by Led Zeppelin

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