Come enjoy the late night inspirations in a dream in – TIPPED!

A Tangle of Weeds

You tiptoed into my dream last night
You slipped in quietly next to me
You smelled my hair long and hard
You softly kissed the small of my back
Careful not to wake me up

You stayed long enough
to feel the warmth of my night
You left quick enough
to not let me catch the dim of your glow


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My Mind Was Unmade – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Listless – Word of the Day


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My Mind Was Unmade

My inertia sailed in on a full spinnaker
on a Sunday afternoon,
of course I had other things to do,
but my mind was unmade
and my limbs undirected.
So I took a moment,
and toasted the afternoon,
and I thought,
for the briefest of moments,
that I might just sail back again,
but instead I stayed and talked to the dolphins.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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davidbrucehaiku: sadness

Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Day 15 of NaNoWriMo. Theoretically, by the end of today, you should have 25,000 words written of the 50,000 words due in yet another 15 days. Your book is half-way written Yikes! That’s a lot of words. But, if you have been trucking along day by day, you should be there. Right?

Well, I will admit, I am not there. There is this pesky thing called life that keeps getting in my way. But that will not stop me, I will keep trucking along even after November 30. There is a habit forming, and I think I like it. Writing this book is transforming my life.

Is your writing impacting your life?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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Love Poems- Words from Heart

You sit beside me one evening, as I pass on to you my guitar,
“Where do you want my hands?”, you smirk, “Tell me my little rock star”.

I roll my eyes at the remark, “Do you really wanna learn this honey?”,
“Of course” , you say innocently and smile, “I will do anything for you sweety”.

And I shake my head and giggle , “You know you really should stop saying that,
Now hold the fretboard like this, and press these strings, don’t chat”.

You roll your eyes at my bossiness, but sweetly do as I say,
“Now place your other hand this side, and strum this G chord this way”.

“Wow that’s real romantic”, you smile, as the strings come alive beautifully,
“But I think I have a better idea , cause I am feeling a bit lonely”.

And before I can understand what you mean, I find…

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