. . . we can learn to watch the storm pass.



“You are always going to meet disturbances outside yourself,
it’s the experience of living.
There will be dark days and there will be days of laughter
and somewhere in between you’ll create a healthy balance
within yourself and call it a life.
We can’t stop the storm, but we can learn to watch it pass.”

~ Nikki Rowe

Text & image source: Whispers For The Soul https://web.facebook.com/Whispers-For-The-Soul-133932740081059/

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Pay It Forward Thursday- November 15, 2018

Be sure to come and share the poem or post you loved best this last week! Give that writer some exposure (4,400 followers) at The Go Dog Go Cafe!!!

Go Dog Go Café

Pay It Forward 7-4-2018

The baristas at Go Dog Go Cafe are big fans of Pay It Forward Thursdays. We think it is a great opportunity to give a shout-out to another writer who has wowed us or creatively inspired us.  However, Pay It Forward Thursday has not been getting a lot of love lately, which we think is a shame. Dear reader, you are losing out on some great writing! We’ve decided to shake things up a little and the baristas will be reblogging our Pay It Forward picks for the week directly onto GDG Cafe so you don’t miss out on our favorites.

We like this idea so much that we will also reblog the posts you think were the best thing you read this week if you drop a link below. You are invited to post one link to one specific post (600 words or less please!) from someone…

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That first face

Please, Please Do Not Miss the most loving and beautiful tribute I have ever read to a Mom in – THAT FIRST FACE!

Siren Whispers

img_7966She was the first face I saw.

I fell in love

But didn’t know it.

Those hazel eyes gazing down at me

Soothing my abrupt entrance

Into a much colder world

Than the one I had existed in

For months.

I quickly came to realize

That she was my world.

Her beloved countenance

Changing over the years

But always

Full of love

Full of pride.

She has been

My teacher

My cheerleader

My taskmaster

My confidante.

Providing an example

Of what to strive for

Being supportive of the choices I made

Even ones that she knew would hurt me

Assuring me

That kindness doesn’t make one weak

And always making it clear

That the world was my oyster

That I alone could make my world

What I wished it to be.

I have been so lucky

To have had such a wonderful person

To guide my days

To know…

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My Vision Of Heaven – A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

In the end
We will all be
Alone in the dark
When we cross that bridge
Will we find sweet dreams and starlight
Or will we face the ugly truth
Of our darkest days
Will we find our fortress
Or just another unsafe haven
I will be searching
For a place in the woods
A place not easy to find
Where I can hear
The sounds of the seasons
And hopefully free my mind
A place where time has no meaning
Where I can sleep by the fire and wake
As the sky is painted by the sunrise
On a Scottish morning
A place where I can read your words
And reach out
To touch your voice with my mind

This is my vision of Heaven

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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davidbrucehaiku: the roads I’ve taken