Cleansing Rains

Come savor the relief and joy in – CLEANSING RAINS!!!



It doesn’t matter

What came first

the mistake

or the shame

She hated

the involuntary response

of her thinking


There were good days

and bad

Moments of bliss

and then, the lie

But thankfully

She was stronger now

than her past

as opposed to the yesterdays

For now, she knew
Trials would take place

But so did

the cleansing rains

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The shape of things 

Savvy Raj

SHAPING ….Artwork by Savvy Raj

There is in the shape of things

A reason why

Like the night and the day

white and black moon with black skies and body of water photography during night time Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on

They say nothing is accidental

There is always a shape to things

A reason for design

A reason for pain and pleasure

A reason for order and disorder

A reason for imbalance

As much for equilibrium

A reason for the confusion in chaos

As much for emergence of clarity.

black and white nature flowers close up view Photo by Jack Hawley on

One thing leads to another

Patterns develop out of nothing into something

Those who are in the front

Become waybearers for those who follow…

action balls black and white illustration Photo by Pixabay on

In the ensuing connections

Forms take shape of things to come

Matter combines to eloquently express

Succintly abrest the brevity

Or in hyperboles of creation

All is yet in symmetry

grayscale photo of feather Photo by Aman Bhatnagar on

Emotion emits acceleration

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I Hope You’re Happy

Please come and enjoy Tosha’s Awesome poem!!!!

Everything I Never Told You

Y’all my hair has finally reach Lob status. Hooray.

Happy Momday. Yesterday we took a day trip to Columbia SC. During our visit we toured the Robert Mills House and Gardens. Here’s some photos from the excursion, followed by music. This tune has a lot of meaning for me. It is my wish for you and everyone I love, those who remind and those who have moved on. I truly hope you all have happiness, tons of love, and everything.else good in the world. 💕

“Ihope you’re happy

I hope you’re good

I hope you get what you wish for

And you’re well understood

And whatever your progress

I know you’ll be fine

Because I hope you’re happy

Even if you aren’t mine.”

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Sarah Doughty

“I didn’t know which felt worse
— the drought —
or the nothingness
you left in your wake.”

There was a drought all around me — and within me. Not even a tear could be shed. That’s how it felt when you left me behind. There were no more nights of dancing in the summer rain. Not even a taste of you to quench my thirst. Just an enormous expanse of nothing. And I didn’t know which felt worse — the drought — or the nothingness you left in your wake.

© Sarah Doughty

All I need is a little
escape from this pain.

This was written for day twelve
of November Notes.
No Rain
by Blind Melon

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into fading ~

Come and enjoy – INTO FADING!


cottage home 2018

how long I’ve spent
in looking back
to a place just out of view
to years before
I counted –
a time before I knew

of light
by shadows mingled
lanterns along my spine
wonder held in boxes
– for a moment
all was mine

as stardust into
wishes –
a promise yet to keep
snow became a lover
– dreamed me back
to sleep

. . .

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Consumed in Love

Confab With Me

She dreams of wings
to reach beyond the celestial stars
to design her world
to be as beautiful as her thoughts

And his universe
was consumed by
each one of her desires
and to see them fulfilled
is what he now aspires
day night and day again

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