Writer’s Silence

Midwest Fantasy Writes

MonicaA writer lives

in a world of silence

sometimes welcome calm

other times deafening torment

the heart may beat

words falling into place

like good little soldiers

or it may stutter and stammer

at a loss to find rhythm

or any sense

wretched cycles

from morning’s light

to midnight darkness

absent sounds of a soul

searching for a breath of life


November 2018

Ph-Nubar Alexanian

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Read Poetry: Poetry Of The Moment by Walt Page

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Each and every moment
Is its own poetry
The tick of a clock
The turning of a page
Each drop of rain
The cry of a baby
The wag of a tail
In every moment
Poetry is created
A poem exists
In the beat of a heart
The blink of any eye
On the wings of a butterfly
A musical note
The scent of a flower
The purr of a cat
Poetry is everywhere
And nowhere
Inside and outside
All around about
Be in the moment
Be the poetry
You are meant to be

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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