Pay It Forward Thursday- November 01, 2018

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Go Dog Go Café

Pay It Forward 7-4-2018

The baristas at Go Dog Go Cafe are big fans of Pay It Forward Thursdays. We think it is a great opportunity to give a shout-out to another writer who has wowed us or creatively inspired us.  However, Pay It Forward Thursday has not been getting a lot of love lately, which we think is a shame. Dear reader, you are losing out on some great writing! We’ve decided to shake things up a little and the baristas will be reblogging our Pay It Forward picks for the week directly onto GDG Cafe so you don’t miss out on our favorites.

We like this idea so much that we will also reblog the posts you think were the best thing you read this week if you drop a link below. You are invited to post one link to one specific post (600 words or less please!) from someone…

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On usefulness

Savvy Raj

The search for meaning

Is never in vain

There is always a meaning

To life and living.

One or a million reflections

May be more

At times can lead

To a miracle in the making.

One or a million drafts

May lead us to a perfect design

One or a million words

May be more…

Can bring on the inner genius

One or a million works of art

May be more…

Delivers a masterstroke.

Each step is of value

And somehow significant

To some one somewhere

As much as…

To the utimate whole!.

If something seems to be useless to one person, there is always a possibility of so many who may find it useful.


Often profound meaning arrives from the most mundane and the so called ordinary moments in life and living. For the truth is out in the open but our overworked brain often misses these simple…

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Choosing to Stay

Midwest Fantasy Writes

Choosing to StayMy mind chooses 

to stay with you…

Mingling among

your sensual scents

and whispery words

weakening at the intoxication of both

lolling in love starved hands

feeding my love starved skin

with everything it craves

twirling in delights

of your dancing tongue

as it partners mine

in a honeyed walz

tangling in sheets and blankets

of breathless nights

where desire and lust

rises high over sleep

sinking into the story

of eyes intense on me

where I can reread

every chapter we wrote

every night.

My mind chooses 

to stay with you

because my heart

would have it

 no other way…


©Midwest Fantasy



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What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up


This is a question we were all asked at one point or another in our childhood. Was it a doctor? Or an engineer? Perhaps a teacher? My answers varied depending on how old I was when I was asked the same thing.

I first wanted to be a dinosaur — a T-Rex or a triceratops. T-Rex because I really thought they’re amazing and huge creatures, like kings and queens of dinosaur land. I like triceratops, too, because they look really cute in my eyes then. As I grew up, I learned I can’t be a dinosaur but my love for them still grew. The T-Rex became who I want to be, strong and smart! And the triceratops? I really find them sexy when they walk. Haha!

Then a mutant. And I was so damn serious I wanted to be one. I’ve always wanted to be Magneto’s female version! 😉 Funny…

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Penny Wilson Writes

Computer keys are

mere plastic things

The stark white letters

stare up at the ceiling

They are part of


My heart pounds

as my fingers find

life in the

cold, plastic squares.

The very existence of

countless unknowns

hang on each keystroke

They hide my dreams

and my nightmares

To release them

I am slave

to the keyboard

With it, I am


to hidden worlds

Each is only a

keystroke away

from beginning


Copyright © 2018 Penny Wilson

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