By Charles Robert Lindholm

My Birthday Wish Is Simple
It’s The Same One Every Year
I Wish For Health And Happiness
And That When It Comes Next Year
I Will Still Be Here!

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

10.30.2018 @ 11:00 a.m.

16 thoughts on “A SIMPLE BIRTHDAY WISH

  1. My dear friend Chuck,

    Happy Birthday to you!

    I wish you the happiness of the soul as this is the permanent, not changing happiness (as that of the mind). It is said that poets are “half-saints” – so I wish you to reach the other shore as well to become complete what is already in you. Our real roots are not in this world, but beyond in the lap of our Father – there we may drink the water of life and eat the bread of life – may you be happy my friend, with your whole heart and soul.

    A hug from brother to brother
    Have a great time

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    1. Thank you, My Dear Friend!!! I so appreciate your wonderfully inspiring and uplifting comment and your caring wishing for me, Didi!! Your Friendship and sharing means so much to me!!! I wish the same for you, My Friend!! Hugs back to you!!!

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      1. Thank you very much, dear Chuck 🙂

        Friendship is the symphony of the heart, a melody that goes deep inside 🙂

        May this day and all other days wrap your heart in light and love, my friend:)
        Have a great birthday!

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    1. Thank you, Dear Megha! So far, so good with this repeating wish!!! Ha! We will see what kind of
      win streak I end up making! LOL! Your Friendship and sharing means so much to me, Megha!! I am blessed to know you and call you My Friend!!

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          1. Yeah, Since we live in a retirement community we don’t get trick or treaters. Double edged sword! A witch? Wow, you were brave! You didn’t know there are Witch Hunts going on??? LOL!
            Have a great weekend!

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