1459. A smile remains…

Sacred Touches

A smile remains the most  inexpensive gift
one can bestow on anyone and yet
its powers can vanquish kingdoms.
~Og Mandino

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The effect of a smile can be a happenstance of great import. Over a decade ago when I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life a smile changed me forever. And today, my smile did the same for another when I paid the blessing forward. So it is that I have now witnessed two simple smiles between complete strangers serve as the visible instruments of God’s grace.

The first: Years ago my husband, sister, and I had decided to go to a downtown movie, and I was dragging along behind the two of them in my melancholy. As I rounded a corner, a legless black homeless man was sitting in a wheelchair next to one of the buildings. His head was down when I first saw him…

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Once you let go life begins

Confab With Me

Once you let go
you observe things
that you haven’t observed before

The flower blooms
The skies become bright
The chirping of birds
appear like a melodious rhyme

Once you heave away the pain
you carried all along
you feel relieved
as if Hercules has let go
the world he carried on his back
a sense of rejuvenation surge down your veins,
a rush of blood
and it shows in your smile,
your eyes
and each one of your desires

You nurture hope,
you believe in love and
you feel like a soaring dove

So, shed away the pain,
do away with your yearnings
let go your past yore

for once you let go life begins

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used…

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Sweet Confection

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Go Dog Go Café


Slowly stir

your tongue with mine

now lick

where peaks have have formed

pour yourself

into the tiny mold

leaving nothing behind

feel warmth and heat

of me

as you rise to perfection

mixing our honeyed sugars

into a confectioner’s bliss

hope to never hear

the “ding” for done


©MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda



(This is based on a challenge from an Instagram poet to write a recipe for lust.  I wrote this, then saw that challenge was to only be 20 words–so I did another piece for that and saved this one for all of you.  Hope you try the recipe 😉)

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What Once Was

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Writing and Reflections

What Once (2)

Remember when
you and I looked both ways
in search of tomorrow’s promises
Giving and receiving all those second chances
and when they ran out, we parted friends
blessed with memories of
a lifetime

This lifetime
framed with our photographs,
the ones that captured shared hopes and dreams
and marked with twists and turns that brought us to this day
A chance meeting, a forgotten date
A commemoration
of what was



photo: Pixabay

prompt: #OctPoWriMo2018 – Day 25, #BeautizmLove

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Daily Quote

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Jo Hawk


Today is a new beginning. The rising sun wakes us, prompting us to engage in our morning rituals. One morning ritual is reviewing what I want to accomplish before I must return to sleep. Excitement grows. Today all things are possible, and motivation emanates from that excitement.

Motivation can be created. The question is how? Do we create excitement about a project? A sense of responsibility? Desire?

What is the trigger for your motivations?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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Beautiful flower

Savvy Raj

Beautiful flower
Tell me your secret
How unassuming of you
To show up with so much beauty
All for a single day in the sun?

Beautiful flower
You paint a lovely picture
Of hope and positivity
Of endearing tenderness
That speaks much without a word.

Beautiful flower
Your colour makes my day better
Having seen you blossom in full glory.
You awaken a sense of purpose
In one and all relentlessly everyday.

Beautiful flower
Your sight brings joy
Your touch gentleness
Your being fragrance
You are a sight to behold!

Beautiful flower
My heartfelt gratitude to you.
For bestowing us all, your grace of being .
Today and everyday!


A few pictures that I clicked this morning in my terrace garden. I don’t know the names of these beauties but I do know they made me reflect with a certain gladness, simply partaking in a vision of their tender…

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