What is “previously published” and where can I submit reprints? (UPDATED LIST!)

Trish Hopkinson

UPDATED 10/18/2018

The article “What Is Considered Previously Published Writing?” on Writer’s Relief does a great job explaining all the nuances of determining if your work should be considered previously published. For example, is the original publisher still online? Is the issue out of print? Do blogs and social networking posts count?

Many literary magazines and journals will state clearly what they consider previously published in their submission guidelines, but not all do. If you are unsure, send a quick email and ask the editor before submitting.

Also, make sure you still retain rights to the work before submitting it as a reprint to another publication. For more info on the different types of copyrights commonly used, see Copyright Information for Writers on Poets&Writers website.

Okay, now you’ve done your homework… time to submit.

If you have poetry or other writing which has been previously published, but the readership…

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Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


This a special thank you to everyone who reads, comments or follows along on my writing journey. You are the diamonds in my day.

Every day there are adventures waiting to be explored, stories begging to be written, knowledge yearning to be learned.

Where will you find your diamonds today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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Soft Paths – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Exploring – Word of the Day


Photo: https://wallpaper-gallery.net

Soft Paths

They say that love is blind
and, that being said,
though our hearts have seen inside,
I must now, like a blind man,
take in the braille of your beauty.
And, as our lips speak pleasure,
an entree of delight,
there’s a tremble of anticipation,
as our hands take soft paths
to places over the moon.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Baseball diamond

Shari Blaukopf's Sketchbook

During the week I don’t get much of a chance to paint outside because I arrive home too late in the day. But I do take the dog to the park for her daily run and this week, as I have mentioned in other posts, the light is spectacular, so I have been taking phone photos that are great reference material for watercolour experimentation.

A few years ago when I took a workshop with Tom Hoffmann on Lopez Island, he had us work out problematic areas in a painting by practicing small sections first. I think that’s a great strategy because if you’ve already worked out where you might run into a mess (and dealt with it in advance), then you have a much better chance of success when you finally get around to painting. With that in mind, I came home from the park and, using my reference image…

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