If Death Steals Me Away

Escape The Confines

If death steals me away

To that somewhere

Beyond the woods, oceans and the sky

Won’t you spare a minute or two?

To sit beside me for one last time

To remember me

For I shall rejuvenate once again

In you, your heart

In the breeze that gently touches your fingertips

And in the pale light that kiss your cheeks

Won’t you cherish the last sight of me?

And the way regret filled your eyes

And rolled down your face

If death steals me away

To that somewhere

Wherein time doesn’t exist

Don’t you walk past, like the rest

Never noticing me, my scars

The brokenness in my frozen smile

The wounds,

The wounds which only you can see

Somewhere deep inside my lifeless cadaver


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2 thoughts on “If Death Steals Me Away

  1. Very poignant, sad, and powerful. I must say that this echoes my own feelings. So glad you wrote this


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