The Joker In My Head

Frank Solanki

I am not me
I’m just a reflection
Having no control over what I’m doing
It’s like I’m a puppet
Some strange hand controlling me
Writing my fate
Deciding my destiny
Makes me do things that I never wished to
Makes me dance to his tune
How did this happen?
When did I let myself go?
When did I succumb to his powers?
I’ve been in his control as long as I can remember
I’ve been a slave to his commands
How did I become so neurotic?
How did I become so paranoid?
Have I really lost myself?
Am I really out of control?
Or am I just looking for someone to blame?

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Shari Blaukopf's Sketchbook

The late afternoon light was really special today — sharp and bright and clear — and perfect for painting the yellow trees and purple sky near the lake. The weather at this time of year always brings to mind those first weeks when I returned to sketching after a long break and soon after started this blog  — seven years ago this week! I had to mark the occasion with a quick watercolour, painted from my car. If you’ve been following along on this amazing journey, thanks for writing and commenting and sending me kind words. It still brings me joy to paint and write about whatever the day brings my way.


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If Death Steals Me Away

Escape The Confines

If death steals me away

To that somewhere

Beyond the woods, oceans and the sky

Won’t you spare a minute or two?

To sit beside me for one last time

To remember me

For I shall rejuvenate once again

In you, your heart

In the breeze that gently touches your fingertips

And in the pale light that kiss your cheeks

Won’t you cherish the last sight of me?

And the way regret filled your eyes

And rolled down your face

If death steals me away

To that somewhere

Wherein time doesn’t exist

Don’t you walk past, like the rest

Never noticing me, my scars

The brokenness in my frozen smile

The wounds,

The wounds which only you can see

Somewhere deep inside my lifeless cadaver


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Tormented Mist

Invincible Verses

I once knew serenity as I nibbled on your earlobe. I once knew the sounds of waterfalls as you inhaled my existence. I once stood behind the shadows of affection as you stumbled in silence. I once saw the tormented mist in your gut wrenching eyes. I once fell madly in love with your naval and collarbone. I once knew the honey oozing off your tongue. I once knew the lilacs and daises shining under our secret garden. I once knew the meaning of love when I saw you blush. I once cared for your everlasting lightning soul. I once saw you seeking truth in the gravel. I once fell in love with your fireworks. All I can see is your tormented mist in the dark where we use to be close.

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Power of Listening

Confab With Me

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Splitting dream

Didi's Art Design

Without the night
Day cannot be

Without sorrows
Happiness is not felt

Without storms and clouds
Light cannot be appreciated

Without failures
Victories lose meaning

Without death
There is no life

In the two hidden
There is ONE:

No life, no death
No Ups, no downs

No No, No Yes
No time, no space

Just One in All
And All in One

While we dream time and space
Touching opposites

While we are the dream of the One
Splitting into fragments…

DidiArtist, 21.07.2018

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