Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

as the storm rages outside in the night,
And lightning breaks apart the sky,
My heart craves to be with my lover,
So I spread my wings and fly.

A lone spec in a wide expanse,
I Sail the sky without fear.
Trailing the earth with a moonlit shadow,
Following the melody which I hear.

In blink of an eye, or was it in lifetimes,
I reach a forest of evergreen trees.
And there he stands, my gorgeous man,
Arms spread out, waiting for me.

His skin shines silver in the moonlight,
Eyes ablaze with wonder and fire.
I run to him, cause I can wait no more,
My heart thumps wild with desire.

He holds me close, against his chest,
And runs his hands over my hair.
I put my arms around his neck,
And kiss him, like a prayer.

Lightness seems to fill my heart,
As years of…

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