They Said


No doubt her hands were shaking when she wrote her suicide note.  Her heart was in a million pieces, pieces that apparently no one noticed, or maybe, cared to notice.

She tried to write her last words, words that would explain, words that will tell all and clarify her actions. She wanted to describe her feelings, and try to explain why she did what she was about to do.

Her heart spilled out of the pen onto the paper as she wrote her last words.  She tied a rope to a ceiling beam in her apartment, stood in a chair, tied the other end around her neck and kicked the chair aside.

They Said story

The police found her several days later when a neighbor became concerned.  Her suicide note explained nothing, yet said it all.  Her note contained two words…….“They said”.

Tragically, this true story happened in California and no one ever…

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If I Could Run Away

Invincible Verses

If I could run away

I’d join a flying circus

Chat with the lions

Chant with the crowd

Joke with the clowns

Dance with the acrobats

Crawl with the trapeze artists

Hide with the magician

Wrestle with the roar of the tiger

Walk with the Bear

Fall in love with the sideshow

Sit between the caramel apples

and the cotton candy

If I could run away

It wouldn’t solve any of my problems

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Your Dark Is Beautiful Too


Sarah Doughty

“But darling, you forgot
about one thing:
I love your dark, too.”

When I said I loved everything about you — your mannerisms, your speech, the way that beautiful mind worked — I also meant that I loved all facets of you. All the colors you radiated from within. The blazing reds of your unbridled passion. The blues of your light-hearted laugh. The purples of your mid-afternoon nap. And every color in between. Because you are the light of my life. But darling, you forgot about one thing: I love your dark, too. How else could the night give way to such an expanse of stars and moonlight?

© Sarah Doughty

You are every color
of my soul.

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