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In Your Orbit

Sarah Doughty

“Sometimes, when I dream,
I’m reminded that you do love me.
For better or worse. You love me.”

Sometimes I dream I’m in outer space. Floating along some unseen path. But as my eyes adjust, I can see I’m not lost. There’s a moon. A blue moon, with such beautiful scars. I find myself trying to commit each one to my memory. And just before I wake, I realize that scars only add intrigue. I realize that they each have a story to tell, and when I find that I want to know those stories, I think I can finally fathom a fraction of what you feel for me when you look at me.

And maybe, those dreams are enough to remind me that you do love me. For better or worse. You love me.

© Sarah Doughty

I’m the lucky one —
to be in your orbit.

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Megha's World

This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry of the same name. ReadBeacon here


A shiny beacon

of hope and desires

were your words

that soothed my soul 

and  resurrected my fires

those flickering 



in the deepest 

crevice of the night

that lone flickering

that kept me alive

through the deep storms and dark nights.

The pain of  those of waiting endlessly

and never returning,

the ghouls of the past

mercilessly killing all my desires

always seems to be catching 

while all the world was chiding 

and crushing my dreams 

into million pieces,

your smile came a

lovely beam,

a beacon to cheer my lonely way.


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