Pay It Forward Thursday- October 4, 2018

Come and share a poem or post from a favorite writer you read this week on The Cafe’s – Pay It Forward Thursday!!

Go Dog Go Café

Pay It Forward 7-4-2018

The baristas at Go Dog Go Cafe are big fans of Pay It Forward Thursdays. We think it is a great opportunity to give a shout-out to another writer who has wowed us or creatively inspired us.  However, Pay It Forward Thursday has not been getting a lot of love lately, which we think is a shame. Dear reader, you are losing out on some great writing! We’ve decided to shake things up a little and the baristas will be reblogging our Pay It Forward picks for the week directly onto GDG Cafe so you don’t miss out on our favorites.

We like this idea so much that we will also reblog the posts you think were the best thing you read this week if you drop a link below. You are invited to post one link to one specific post (600 words or less please!) from someone…

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The wonder of inspiration

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Her Writing Haven

energy-3073847_1280It’s always fun to see
Where we glean our inspiration
Especially during those times
Of wordless frustration

Sometimes it’s a word
A picture or a quote
Or other times it’s simply
What someone else wrote

Often it’s the news
A book or a short story
Which gives us the means
To write our own allegory

There are so many things
Which speak to our souls
A writer’s mind
Is never in control

And even these words
Right here on this page
Have come from a place
I cannot gauge

So I sit and enjoy
My mind’s aimless ramble
It’s something I’ve never
Been able to unscramble

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Joe’s statement is profound. Life is a big black freight train. Your job is to position yourself next to the tracks, avoid a head-on collision, grab hold, and climb aboard before the train passes. You don’t live life sitting on the siding.

How does this quote relate to writing? For me, it means facing the onslaught, writing every day, pursuing opportunities, improvement, challenges and demanding more of my writing. When the train whizzes past I will have the skills to clamber aboard.  Stretching beyond your comfort zone is tough. It is scary to grab hold and claim your place. The payoff promises a heady rush.

What are you doing today to run with life?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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davidbrucehaiku: GOD IS AN IMPRESSIONIST

Peace With You

Sarah Doughty

“One day, my love, I hope you
will know how much peace
you’ve brought me.”

Sometimes, all I want is to leave the world we know behind and escape to the sea. Just us. If only to press the pause button. To take the time to be with each other. To slow down. To find peace at last. Leave the city behind and listen to the waves. I hope, one day, we’ll be able to go, because then maybe you’d understand how it feels when I’m with you. When I hear your heart beating. When I feel your warmth surrounding me. Maybe then, my love, you will know how much peace you’ve brought me in a world full of chaos.

© Sarah Doughty

And this peace you bring.
It means everything.

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