Sweet Surrender

Midwest Fantasy Writes

sweet surrenderIt is to you

I surrender

falling in

deeper and deeper

free floating

underneath dreams

where magic exists

and I’m never cold

I want to fall like this


your hand holding mine

let’s leave the world behind

and make our own





(Going to be giving this challenge a try in October)



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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Nuggets of Gold

Happy Rainy Tuesday! Keep Smiling through the raindrops. 🙂 How is your week going? I am counting down the days to the beach! Yes, I do realize its Fall now and that we are heading into October which isn’t usually beach weather, but…  The ocean waves can still work their magic charm no matter what time of year it is. Plus you don’t need to fight the crowds at the beach when you go in October. Yes, some people may still think I am crazy, and maybe they are right! 🙂

63283bb005fc255314bc93217b84b8bc I just had to share this picture. How many times do you have an owl laugh at you? 🙂

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Fleeting Soul


Quintessence – Word of the Day


Spider Orchids: West Australian native orchids, Eastern Wheatbelt.

Fleeting Soul

Fleeting soul,
so delicate in this harsh and unforgiving soil.
that has spurned the paltry rains that dared to fall here.
The quintessence of beauty, shy, peeking out
midst the blackbutt and broken acacia,
dancing tween the rocks,
who could not love you?

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Anita Bacha

The sky is turning red and orange,

Time for the sun to set,

For the moon to rise,

The sea yawns, ready to sleep;

We sit on the beach,

My head leaning on your shoulder;

You read to me your last poem,

‘We will meet again!

I will write our love story again!’

Night creeps in,behold!

I cup your face in my hands,

Your lips are cold;

You turn into a handful of sand,

The last poem ends.

Anita Bacha


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