More Poetry Magazines with High Acceptance Rates

Vita Brevis Press.

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If you’re an emerging poet, poetry magazines with high acceptance rates are a great place to get your first publication, and it can open the door to getting your work in more competitive magazines down the line.

Every week, Vita Brevis adds four approachable journals to our growing index of high-acceptance-rate magazines to make it as easy as possible for emerging talents to get their work out in the world. (It’s well worth a bookmark!)

Here’s this week’s round-up:

Approachable Poetry Publications:

Blue Bonnet Review

Acceptance Rate: 30-40%
– Louisiana natives and residents only
Guidelines: Click Here

Corvus Review

Acceptance Rate: 50-55%
+ Free submissions until Dec. 1, 2018
Guidelines: Click Here

The Tower Review

Acceptance Rate: 50-55%
Guidelines: Click Here

Vita Brevis 🙂 (why not?)

Acceptance Rate: 25-30%
+ Great community
Guidelines: Click Here

Find MANY more publications here

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Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


A curious thing has happened.

I started with a new purpose in mid-June, with a goal of writing something every day. As with any new habit making it happen was a struggle. Some days life interferes, and I struggle. I fight back carving out time to write, even if I start at 11:00 at night to make it under the wire.

One day the writing happened with ease. The word count I achieved amazed me. I assumed it was a fluke and forgot it. Until a few weeks later. That was novel. Then it happened again. Now I am intrigued.

I now show up to write with a sense of anticipation… Will today be the day when the writing, writes itself?

Have you experienced these moments?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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4 PAYING LIT MAGS – Deadlines: Oct. 1 – Oct. 31, 2018

Trish Hopkinson

The literary magazines/journals listed below all offer some form of payment, do not charge submission/reading fees, take online submissions, and have submission deadlines in October 2018.

This list focuses on poetry submissions, but most lit mags accept prose and art as well. The listings are in order of closest deadlines.

Gordon Square Review

DEADLINE: October 15, 2018


FORMS: poetry, prose

PAYMENT: $25 per accepted prose piece and $10 per accepted poem

Hold the Line

DEADLINE: Year-round


NOTES: “We are seeking writers who are passionate about social justice as it intersects with the challenges of parenthood.

FORMS: Poetry, short fiction

PAYMENT: Poetry – $20; Shorter pieces, listicles, or book reviews up to 950 words – $50; Longer pieces, 1300 – 1800 words – $100; Photos – $15

Chicken Soup for the Soul

DEADLINE: October 31, 2018


THEME: “Life…

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Touch My Soul ❤😍😘


I crave the kiss upon your lips,
The soft sigh in your voice.
I crave your radiant hair
That flutters in the air.
With hunger I prowl the night.

I hunt the corners of this world.
Finding wonders once untold.
I hunt through nightmare.
And through dreams.
For your gentle angel wings.

The hunger grows,
As the hunt goes on.
Pounding on my very core.
I know I’m lost without your touch.
Incomplete a broken soul.

Finally I find your scent.
Dancing on the spring breeze.
Warming frost deadly grip.
And awaking the trees.
Bringing life back to the seas.

As I come upon your soul.
Hungry for your touch.
I beg to see your love.
And be reminded of your touch.
You fill the longing of my soul.
Completing all I am.

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davidbrucehaiku: autumn

An exercise in futility

Megha's World

Following the sham of a Senate hearing (Brett Kavanaugh Vs Dr. Christine Ford)for the last few days has made my blood boil with rage and anger.I’m appalled and enraged at its possible outcome.


Be a ladylike,
eye pleasing appearance
enough to gulp down the lies
down your swan bottled neck
oh! only to be bejeweled by the pearl necklace
and the bright possessions
he dons you with

Don’t bother to breathe
when it’s not ladylike
that your chest heaves violently
to the truth you fail to contain in
It’s not social to use expletives in your
aristocratic language
you will be burned at the stake
for speaking your truth
your scraps will be fed to wolves

Don’t wear your truth on your sleeves
which is naked and bold
it can’t hold a gaze
with their shameful eyes
too hard to please;
too simple to ignore

Sit with your legs crossed

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