Fairy Muse

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Midwest Fantasy Writes

fairy muse1

Hide me

within your poetry

let me sneak between words

and lie between lines

giggle among ink blots

fairy muse

you cannot catch

yet teases and taunts

every waking moment

draws from your pen

thoughts not of this world

caresses from your soul

longing aches and desires

calls from your mind

moonlight emotions

searching for daybreak

in a world bleak with gray

grabs from your heart

beats forgotten and dusty

crying for life

rhythm within melody

yes hide me

within your poetry

so I too

may feel alive




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Under the Plum Tree – A Poem by Linda Lee Lyberg

Vita Brevis Press.

Capture.PNGSubmitted by Linda Lee Lyberg

When you see white clover sprawling in the meadow
do you still think of me even though our love
once treasured, is now with regret over?

As for me I can tell you, the plum is blooming now
I remember the promises we made
underneath its burgeoning boughs
And I will wonder ever after
if you remember too.

The yellow roses came today and I read the message within
Can we please forgive and forget all we said back then
I beg you my love can we renew our cherished love again?

And so today, I measured and took stock of all we shared
with my heart still longing, and my lonesome soul laid bare
I sent to you the dried red rose you first gave to me
with this simple note, let’s meet tonight
when the moon is bright under the plum tree.


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Autumn Sun (poem)

Come and enjoy “AUTUMN SUN”!!

Blue Sky Days 365

I sit here on this bright calm autumn day, with the sun streaming through my window, it’s such a contrast to the grey skies, winds and rain of yesterday.  There’s a unique light to morning autumn sun, it lacks the harshness of summer, instead giving a cosy warmth to all it touches.

Autumn Sun

kaleidoscopic swirl of reds and yellows
as russet leaves take flight on wispy winds
set on fire with the gleaming golden glow
of illuminating light streaming over rooftops
warming radiance of autumn colours

copyright © 2018 Karen Horsley

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Daily Quote

Come enjoy this great post about writing!!

Jo Hawk


I would take this one step further and say don’t think about your readers, don’t think about other writers, and don’t think about your inner critic. Close your mind to external forces, the naysayers, the prophets of doom. Gag the voice in your head telling you, you are not good enough, your story not clever enough, your word choice not descriptive enough. Push them from your writing space and lock the door. Immerse yourself in your story, live your story, write the story only you can write.

Eventually, you can unlock the door, but today, write.

What are the demons that impede your writing?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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The season of fall

Megha's World

Here comes fall again! The season which brings so much of love and festivities along with it. That sudden chill in the air in the late evenings and beautiful fall leaves everywhere adds so many strokes of beauty to nature’s palette.

The essential and beautiful transition from summer to fall brings all the love along with it.

alisa-anton-166247 (1).jpgWarmth of a hug
Closeness under a blanket
Fingers warming to a cup of coffee
calmness of listening to him endlessly
falling leaves of the fall
brings back all the warmth
intertwining of fingers 
until the palms start sweating

Sharing the plugs
swaying to the same rhythm
heart singing the same beat
twinkle in your eyes
fleeting smile on your face
spoken words
and unspoken vows
tis the season
each falling leaf is a bookmark
in the book of memories
This is the season
The season of fall….

Photo by Alisa Anton

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Notable Quotes: September 2018 Part Two #notableqoutes #pinterest #quotes

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Welcome to September 2018 Quotes Parts Two. May you find inspiration and strength, and sometimes, a laugh or two.


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