Quiet Places

Writing and Reflections

mark and me - Inne

Here in the quiet places
where sleep brings respite and peace
I am lost in your arms

Healing found in your embraces
calms a troubled mind as worries cease
Here in the quiet places

Must be spells and magic charms
this power to soften and strengthen in a space
where sleep brings respite and peace

And when morning comes, when my eyes meet yours
I know this is what I cannot live without – these moments
I am lost in your arms

photo: mine
prompts: Go Dog Go Cafe – Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge


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Reason !



Those clouds of passion that once 
came crashing across my face
and that love drenched rain
dressing my body with glitter
where fires flared from friction
along the trail your lips traced

on those chilly winter mornings
where our fingers found shelter
in the spaces between
where now these spaces seem so spacious
yet my fingers still linger 
on your fragrance.

And here am I
the only audience to your absence
trying to hold on to your warmth
yet unable to survive
for I miss my reason to exist
the anticipation of your kiss.


Photo by Joe Yates on Unsplash

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Reaching hearts

Didi's Art Design

Not necessary to twist words
To hold whole lectures
Bend lips and tongues
When reaching a heart

Heart speaks with simple words
Touches you with light
A hug of love
Symphonie between hearts

Beams of light touch each other
Cosmic melody
A dance in Oneness
Vibrating happiness

Poem that find its way
Directly into the heart
Changing the beat
Song of two hearts

Happiness for you and me…

DidiArtist, 09.09.2018

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