Forest Oasis

Nature photography by Urmo Parts

Something from Estonia for a while.

I’m glad that I have calmed down a little bit. I waited about three months before the conditsions where right to take this image.

It was really beautiful morning with thick fog. I had to wait over an hour, before the sun came through the fog. The light is most important thing in photography. Shadows and highlights makes images more interesting to watch.

I love this image. This on of the image that I might print big. Printing is important as well 🙂

For licensing

Thank you for support!

Vahelduseks midagi ka Eestist. Päris mitu kuud tuli oodata õigeid tingimusi, et lõpuks vormistada see hetk ka mälukaardile.

Nutitelefoniga panoraami vaadates palun vajutage pildi peale ja siis keerake telefon 90 kraadi. Ma nägin palju vaeva, et see pilt Teieni tuua 🙂

Mis arvate, kas see pilt võiks sobida loosi mille korraldan facebooki 1000 jälgija…

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