Why I Write?

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I write,
Because one day,
When I will be too old to write,
Or decide to take some different path,
When my voice will be too frail to hear,
When words will fail me and veer.

On such times,
When shadows from past,
Will be invisible and gone,
Maybe my verses will,
Live the times,
To reinvigorate the memories,
And spread the chimes,
And when someone will casually rhyme my prose,
I will live forever in those transient thoughts.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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Daily Quote

Jo Hawk

Quote- Haruki-Murakami

Writing transports me much the same way as reading. The worlds are equally real. The difference between reading and writing is, in reading, I am a passenger; the author does the driving. Where I might turn left, the author turns right. When I write, I am in the driver’s seat. Hands on the wheel, I create destiny from unlimited possibilities.

There are reasons for reading and for writing, but given a choice, I prefer to drive.

Does your writing world feel real to you?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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Light of Life.

Savvy Raj

In the vastness of the dark
A single candle makes a difference
It illuminates and creates interest
It draws attention and focus
For it casts a riveting spell
It attracts life towards it
For it is light of Life itself.

Light and dark
Fill the void
With their own potential
There is much that is yet dark
Yet even a glimmer of light
Sends out a message there is hope

The purpose of light
Is to shine on its path
In spite of the darkness
The essence of light
Is never hidden too long
Although the light
May cross paths with darkness

The nature of light
Is to shine on…
No matter the darkness
For it cannot remain
Too long in the pocket
Suppressed or subdued.

It shares from wherever it can
In every direction and distance
And when it stir up on some reflections
And has pushed those shadows…

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Forest Oasis

Something from Estonia for a while.

I’m glad that I have calmed down a little bit. I waited about three months before the conditsions where right to take this image.

It was really beautiful morning with thick fog. I had to wait over an hour, before the sun came through the fog. The light is most important thing in photography. Shadows and highlights makes images more interesting to watch.

I love this image. This on of the image that I might print big. Printing is important as well 🙂

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Vahelduseks midagi ka Eestist. Päris mitu kuud tuli oodata õigeid tingimusi, et lõpuks vormistada see hetk ka mälukaardile.

Nutitelefoniga panoraami vaadates palun vajutage pildi peale ja siis keerake telefon 90 kraadi. Ma nägin palju vaeva, et see pilt Teieni tuua 🙂

Mis arvate, kas see pilt võiks sobida loosi mille korraldan facebooki 1000 jälgija…

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