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Jo Hawk

Years ago, a co-worker maintained a daily inspirational email he sent to those who were interested. I signed up. For seven years the first thing I read every morning was his email. The quotes centered on business or personal development. They became a ritual. Times change, jobs change, and people move to new positions and new challenges.

I miss those daily tidbits and sought a ritual to act as a trigger for my daily writing habit. Since many of you are also writers, I thought I would share. I hope they help you in your writing journey.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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one of these days

Journey Into A

One day I’ll have it

One day I’ll know it


A partner

A best friend

A love unconditional


Someone to cry to

Someone to hold onto

Someone to root for

Someone to stare at in awe of


For now, I’ll go back

I’ll do all of that again for myself

I’ve always had the strength

I’ve been doing this a long time


It’ll be harder than the last time to pull me away from myself

It’ll take someone even braver and stubborn than me

It will be worth the work and the patience it took to get there

I’ll know it when I have it


One day

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The Beginning

Walt's Writings

It was the beginning
The beginning of the end
The very day it began
Was the ending of the beginning
The way it began
It almost ended
But it didn’t end
It began
So it was
So it is
So it always will be

For the past year, I have posted daily. I have been
having a difficult time keeping up with answering
comments and reading your blogs because of that.
 I will no longer be posting on weekends
and using that time to catch up with reading
your posts and writing new poetry. Thanks
for your understanding!

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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