4 thoughts on “Java

    1. Thank you my friend for viewing Paul Lenzi’s work! I so agree on the art. It’s worth going through his archive just for the artwork he attached to his poems. Sadly, Paul just recently passed on and we are so blessed that his family decided to keep his blog up and active!!!
      Happy Day to you, My Friend!

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        1. Yes, it’s a blessing that they decided to do that! You are right, something to think about with estate planning! If you are like me I don’t really have anyone in my family that would have the same passion for my writings as I do. They might if I made a trust with my money, the little bit of it, goes to my writings and promoting them – LOL!!! WordPress does have some info on how to handle your site when you pass on.
          Thanks so much for viewing and commenting!!! Thanks for the kind wishes!!!

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