Cafe Tryst


RDP#86: Brio



Cafe Tryst

Heels staccato
ringing the flagstones loud,
voices blending into each other,
that creative human recipe.
The scrape of a chair,
glasses sparkling,
were faces red from wine or sun?
The hiss of coffee being poured,
barista focussed,
hidden by spurts of steam.
And there you were,
framed by the door,
an acolyte of spring,
such energy, such brio.
I found my breath,
my pulse racing.
We played with food
and swirled our wine,
you gushed about the brioche,
the morning,
aunt Sophie,
the lake.
But I desired your lips
and your sweet wine.

©Paul Cannon


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Moonlighting Scrivener

The shadows of the past

Catch up

When I’m not looking

Darker than ever before

Looming even larger

Scarier than what I remember

More eerily sinister

Whispering sweet-nothings

In hurriedly hushed silences

Ominously hissing closer

Heralding a spell of doom

I feel the walls close in on me

As I’m stuck inside this room






Once again





Against the spokes of time

Put in some distance

Dig a moat

And pull up the drawbridge

Into an island of isolation

Stir not

From therein

And don’t even dare

To venture a glance

Towards your own shadow

30 pieces of silver

Or a sum far less than precious

Is all it’ll take

For your very soul

To sign your own damnation.

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A Huge Thank You!

A Special Thank You from our friend Walt!!

Walt's Writings

I’m taking a moment to thank all of you, my followers,
for believing in my poetry, for your support and
encouragement, and most of all, your friendship.

I have gained so many friends here and love each and
every one of you. Your comments have inspired me
and encouraged me and that alone keeps me going.

When I started this blog last year, my first post was titled
Welcome To Walt’s Writings”, posted on April 7, 2017. It
received 3 likes and 1 comment(from my wife). I knew
nothing about categories, tags, or WordPress. Most
of my first posts were updates of poetry I had written
back in the late 70s and 80s.

I met several of you very early and you started following
me and supporting me. Great friendships were developed
and I owe so much to those of you who liked what I was
doing in those…

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