I’m Not a Writer, I Just Write

Talkin' to Myself

As many of you know, I weave. But I am not comfortable when I am labeled a weaver because, well, in my humble opinion, I don’t have enough experience. I don’t weave every day and it is not the whole of my experience. I enjoy it. Sometimes it really is exciting. But some days I read a book or (gasp) watch television.

Today I ran across an article by Christina Garton on a website for Interweave entitled “When You Don’t Feel Like a ‘Real’ Weaver” . Her analysis was spot when she wrote:

“First of all, if you know how to weave and have woven in the past, then you are indeed a weaver. Think about it; we don’t apply this logic to authors. Harper Lee published exactly 2 books 55 years apart, and yet she is and was always described as “author Harper Lee.” I’m not saying any of…

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