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Talkin' to Myself

As many of you know, I weave. But I am not comfortable when I am labeled a weaver because, well, in my humble opinion, I don’t have enough experience. I don’t weave every day and it is not the whole of my experience. I enjoy it. Sometimes it really is exciting. But some days I read a book or (gasp) watch television.

Today I ran across an article by Christina Garton on a website for Interweave entitled “When You Don’t Feel Like a ‘Real’ Weaver” . Her analysis was spot when she wrote:

“First of all, if you know how to weave and have woven in the past, then you are indeed a weaver. Think about it; we don’t apply this logic to authors. Harper Lee published exactly 2 books 55 years apart, and yet she is and was always described as “author Harper Lee.” I’m not saying any of…

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Resources: Four More Poetry Journals with High Acceptance Rates

Vita Brevis Press.

*Post Two of the series*See the whole publication index here.

The world of publication is competitive, to say the least. If you’re new to this world, You should try to get your footing in more approachable poetry journals before you work your way up.

Vita Brevis is making an index of these journals, little by little, through posts like this. Keep in touch to stay up to date with the growing database!

Here’s this week’s resource–four poetry journals with high acceptance rates, based on approximations by Duotrope and other sources. Give them a try!

Amethyst Review

Acceptance Rate: 40-50%
Guidelines: Click Here

Scarlet Leaf Review

Acceptance Rate: 55-65%
Guidelines: Click Here

Literary Yard

Acceptance Rate: 50-60%
Guidelines: Click Here

The Ekphrastic Review

Acceptance Rate: 50-60%
Guidelines: Click Here

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I wish I could ever tell you how badly I crave you, how badly I crave the existence of your soul around mine. I want your soul around mine, I want you during the thunderstorms and darkness that covers those two souls that connect each other. With every beat of my heart, with every smile of my face, I want to hold you in the darkness where nobody sees the two souls that fall for each other with the solace in the deepest hidden night. The love is so dense, the craving is deep beneath the thunder of the river and a connection meets when the sky and ocean meets each other. Your soul is so deep, I am lost in the depth which pulls me closer. It’s like our souls are made for each other, to love its depth, to feel its density. Your eyes are so deep and…

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Friday Fantasy ~ Light as Air – #poetry

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

She dances, like a butterfly flutters

Caught on a simple breath of a breeze

Graceful as the flowers, she is blooming

Adorning meadows, she moves with ease

Soaring, like a bird in flight, she glides

Her life, a delicate balance, unbounded

Floating on the clouds, she is light as air

While trying to keep herself grounded

©2015 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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My Desirous State

Confab With Me

And when you look at me
with those pale eyes
void of any expression
or any expectations
just a mere hollow gaze
staring in oblivion
like some barren land with nothingness
yet, despite such quietness
you profoundly hold
many untold stories
and agonies of some past storms
as if a heart waiting to be beheld
so, I chose to stay
curious and draped in an inquisitive love

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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